Alexa Voice Assistant

Lifeline CarePoint Essential Resident Safety System with Voice Integration

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Alexa Voice Assistant

Alexa Voice Assistant

Lifeline CarePoint Essential Resident Safety System with Voice Integration

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The Hands-Free Way to Connect to Care

As part of the CarePoint Essential system, Alexa enables assisted living and independent living residents to use simple voice commands to connect to care without having to pull a cord or press a button. Residents receive verbal confirmation from Alexa so they know their help request has been heard. And staff can see the context of requests, giving them time to prepare for a resident’s needs before heading to their location.

CarePoint Essential with Alexa has the power to transform how resident requests are made and how staff responds – it’s one more way Lifeline helps you build a better community experience.

Alexa Voice Assistant

Easy To Use and Residents Will Know They’ve Been Heard

  • Voice-enabled Help Requests: Residents can verbally convey their everyday needs to caregiving staff through Alexa devices. If a resident needs a glass of water or help from a fall, they can simply ask for it – their request will be sent directly to a caregiver.
  • Help Request Confirmations: Residents receive verbal confirmation from Alexa that their request has been received, providing peace of mind while they’re waiting for help.
  • Verbal Check-ins: Residents can use their Alexa device to verbally check in each morning and staff can view time-stamped daily check-in reports at any time.

Triage Resident Requests More Efficiently

  • Keyworded Help Alerts: Staff can now see the Who, When, Where and the What with Alexa-enabled alerts. From simple requests to more urgent calls for help, community dashboard alerts show the category of help request allowing staff to triage more efficiently.

Increase Resident Engagement and Independence

  • What’s On the Menu: Residents can about the community’s breakfast, lunch or dinner menus through Alexa.
  • Community Activity Schedules: Residents can ask Alexa about activities occurring throughout their community and take better control of their day.
  • Voice-enabled Calling: Residents are able to call family and friends through Alexa from their contact list in CarePoint Essential.

Help Reduce Feelings of Social Isolation

  • Personal Voice Assistant: From sports scores and weather updates to games and music, Alexa can quickly become a trusted companion for senior living residents.

Alexa Voice Assistant Options for Your Community

There are two ways you can add Alexa-enabled alerts to your community to provide a richer and more robust resident experience:

  • Add-on feature for the CarePoint Essential emergency call system consisting of traditional infrastructure and alert devices.
  • Standalone system for hands-free help requests using Alexa devices and the CarePoint Essential community dashboard to manage alert requests.
CarePoint Essential App with Alexa

Connecting to Care using the Amazon Echo Dot

  • The Alexa device reacts to resident’s spoken commands and sends keyworded alerts to staff
  • Colored light rings on the bottom indicate that the device is actively listening
  • High-definition speaker delivers Alexa responses with clear vocals and vibrant sound in any room
How Alexa Works

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Note: Amazon Echo devices require a Wi-Fi connection to operate. In the unlikely event that internet connectivity is disrupted, residents should use their personal help button or other alert device (if available) to request help. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.