CarePoint Essential

Cloud-Based Senior Living Resident Safety and Community Management System

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CarePoint Essential

Cloud-Based Senior Living Resident Safety and Community Management System

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Providing a Revolutionary New Level of Resident Care

By leveraging advanced technology, CarePoint Essential (formerly Lifeline Cares for Senior Living) gives senior living operators enhanced visibility into their communities and a sophisticated set of tools to help increase staff efficiency, mitigate risk and deliver better overall resident care.

How is CarePoint Essential Different?

Traditional, on-premise e-call systems were never built to address today’s evolving community needs for better workflows, reporting, and resource allocation. Essential was developed with this in mind. Built on the cloud, it’s a modern upgrade to your classic emergency call system designed to accept and integrate a variety of resident safety hardware, old and new, with data from both integrating into a seamless experience with powerful features that can help you provide better overall resident care.

Breathe New Life into Your Traditional Resident Safety System

CarePoint Essential Mobile App
Remote Access

Remote Access

Alert Failover

Alert Failover

Automatic Fall Detection

Automatic Fall Detection*

Enhanced Locating

Enhanced Locating

Reporting Automation

Reporting Automation

Secure Data Backups

Secure Data Backups

Take a Closer Look at Essential

The user-friendly dashboard is fully web-based and easily accessed through desktop or mobile devices. Operators can log in and remotely monitor their community from virtually anywhere.

Automated reporting of activity trends, incidents, and notifications enables operators to easily compare analytics across communities or within an organization.

Help requests and automatic fall alert* notifications are processed and communicated to staff on mobile devices with contextual information, improving their workflow efficiency.

Streamlined, simplified workflows allow staff members to easily manage alerts – improving staff utilization times.

The community mapping feature provides a comprehensive view of your e-call devices throughout the community, helping to enable greater location visualization for an alert response.

The cloud-based platform allows for continuous software feature updates and upgrades and prevents data loss in case of hardware failures.

The backup paging server provides an on-premises alert fail-over system in the event of an emergency.

Electronic health records integration automatically synchronizes resident profiles with PointClickCare during admission, discharge, and bed hold.

Take the right steps toward a resident and staff solution that improves care all day, every day.

The Benefits of a Cloud-based Resident Safety System

A cloud-based system allows for ease in aggregation, distribution, and analysis to provide operators with more streamlined insights into a community’s operation and staffing efficiencies.

  • Community information is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection at any time
  • Cloud data back-up prevents data loss in case of hardware failures
  • Resident data is secured in the cloud using encryption and APIs
  • On-demand software updates provide the most up-to-date technology as well as many third-party services, features, and IoT devices

Coming Soon! CarePoint with Alexa

An Entirely New Dimension in Resident Care

Introducing CarePoint Essential with Alexa voice. We’ve partnered with Amazon to integrate our newest resident safety system with the power of Alexa. Residents can now stay connected and socially engaged while also being able to verbally convey their needs. And staff can see the context of requests and triage more efficiently.

  • View resident requests with contextual info: From simple requests to more urgent calls for help, staff will receive keyworded alerts through desktop and mobile dashboards and respond accordingly.
  • Simple to use, and residents will know they’ve been heard: Residents get positive feedback from Alexa and verbal confirmation their request has been received.
  • Improved care and communication: Requests are just the beginning. Residents can access a variety of community information like menus, activities, medication schedules, and contact lists.
  • Promote independence and reduce social isolation: Voice-enabled features can empower residents to take better control of their day and help them feel more connected through the friendly voice of Alexa.

CarePoint with Alexa opens up new opportunities for better care and happier residents.

CarePoint Essential Software Products

Community Dashboard

Provides community operators a clear view of resident activity with 24/7 real-time security and safety monitoring.

  • Advanced analytics for trends and reports
  • User-friendly interface
  • Event profiles and reports
  • Staff are notified about resident events through a ‘digital bulletin board’
  • Administrators can communicate with mobile staff from their computers
  • Alert integration to both Android and iOS devices
CarePoint Essential Community Dashboard

CarePoint Essential Hardware Products

Wearable Devices

Fall Detection Pendant

The Fall Detection Pendant by Inovonics automatically sends an alert to the CarePoint Essential system if a resident fall is detected. The lightweight, waterproof pendant can be assigned to residents, enabling them to signal for help from any location on campus that is covered by the system.

Fixed Alert Devices

Pull Cord

Pull cords are a vital part of the CarePoint Essential resident safety system. The pull cord is an ideal wireless solution for bathrooms, bedrooms, or any place where residents may need to alert staff – with a simple pull of the cord.

Outdoor Help Button

Outdoor help buttons are fixed help devices rated for use outdoor, which allows your community to cover walking paths and exterior community areas.

Help Button with Call Acknowledge

Most often used in common areas, the help button with acknowledge allows the resident to press anywhere on the button for alert activation. The acknowledge button makes it simple to record when staff responds to a call.

Doorbell Annunciator

A doorbell annunciator can be used to notify staff members that someone is at the door. This can be especially useful for entrances that are locked, but not staffed at all times.

Smoke Detector

The wireless smoke detector features an onboard sounder, a smoke sensor, an LED indicator, and local test capability to allow for total visibility of its functionality. It is self-monitoring, alerting the community when sensor maintenance is needed, or batteries are low, and automatically supervising the radio link.

Check-In Devices

Activity Sensor

The activity sensor is designed for senior living environments that require daily activity notification. It’s fixed to a wall in the resident’s room and picks up a resident’s movement in the morning, and sends a signal to the CarePoint Essential system to provide a check-in for the day.

Check-in Button

The check-in button is fixed to a wall in the resident’s room. When a resident presses the check-in button, this active wireless device signals the central monitoring station – enabling reporting for residents who have – and haven’t yet – checked in.

Supported Network Devices


The EN5040-20T high power repeater with transformer decodes and re-transmits signals from Inovonics transmitters, acting as a range extender for any Inovonics transmission that it hears.

IP Gateway

The Inovonics EN4080 IP Gateway is the connection between the CarePoint Essential network of repeaters and the CarePoint Cloud.

Failover Alert Redundancy Hardware (Optional)

Central Alarm Receiver (CAR)

The CAR plays a critical role in the CarePoint Essential failover alert redundancy system, in the unlikely event of an internet outage.

BlueHub Gateway

The BlueHub Gateway provides an access point to the CarePoint Essential resident safety system. In the event of a network outage, this allows caregivers to receive alerts through the backup paging system.


Pagers can be configured to alarm with different audible notifications or set to vibrate to provide an unobtrusive alert notification. Alerts are easily seen on the LCD display, which displays four lines of text, including alert information and any special notes which may be critical when providing care to residents.

Paging Transmitter

Paging transmitters send alerts to pagers to quickly dispatch messages to staff. Communities can customize the number of devices receiving alarms and create groups allowing messages to be directed to the appropriate team members across the community.

Lifeline 24/7 Customer Service

To ensure the best customer experience from start to finish, a dedicated project coordinator will facilitate the installation of your resident safety system to ensure your community’s needs are addressed. After installation, Lifeline’s team of expert technical support associates is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to answer your questions.

Customized service and support packages are also available to provide access to training to support staff turnover, routine system health checks, and a dedicated service coordinator to assist the community as needs arise.

See what CarePoint Essential Solutions Can Do for You and Your Community

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