Low-Impact Side Jobs for Seniors

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May 29th, 2014

If you’re retired and living alone and want to meet new people or make some side income, a part-time job is a great option. Side jobs for seniors are often an extension of a long career or existing expertise. The best options give you the opportunity to share your lifetime of knowledge with those coming up in your field. Check out these fields if you’re looking for jobs for seniors.


You don’t need to commit to a 40-plus-hour-a-week job to be involved in education; teaching aides, tutors, or part-time instructors are also key players in the education landscape.


Most community colleges and many universities employ part-time or adjunct faculty who serve as lecturers or instructors. They may have a very small course load and minimal office hours. If you enjoy younger students, substitute teaching (although often a full day of work) is a great job for seniors because you’re able to work on short notice and can always turn the school down if you’re unavailable.


Students at all levels and in all subjects are looking for tutors! If you have a good grasp on English, math, or other core subjects, tutoring can be an excellent activity. Tutoring normally takes place in the after-school hours a few times a week. You can take on as few or as many students as you feel comfortable tutoring.


Chances are, you have some specialized talents. Why not sell your skills as a freelancer? Freelancers can set their own work hours and work with one or many clients in all types of industries.


If you’re an expert in your field, try selling your services as a consultant. Many companies employ consultants on a project-by-project or as-needed basis. Consulting jobs are not always advertised, but you can find them by contacting the team lead for projects you’d like to work on or by contacting previous employers who may remember you and potentially hire you as a consultant.


Local universities or businesses sometimes need help gathering data or answering complex questions. If you have a reputation for locating even the most obscure data, try contacting local scholars or visiting the university library to see if anyone is seeking research support. You can also contact people in your network to see if any of your former colleagues could benefit from your services.


Do you have industry expertise? Share your lifetime of experience as a blogger. Some companies retain bloggers to speak about the industry or product. You can also make your own blog and monetize it through such means as ads and promotions.


Can’t get enough of the game? Many sports-related jobs for seniors are available.

Event jobs

Stadiums and sports arenas need temporary staffers in all forms. You can find part-time work as an usher, helping in the office, or even managing VIP lounges or clubs at major stadiums.


Even if you don’t play anymore, coaching can be a great side job that lets you interact with your community. Local recreational leagues, high schools, or gyms often employ part-time coaches.

Gym classes

Gyms are often seeking trainers or class teachers. As a trainer or class teacher, you have some freedom in setting your schedule and typically only work for a few hours at a time.