Buying Advice: Lifeline Medical Alert Systems

Consider the Following When Choosing a Medical Alert System:

There are many medical alert systems available. This guide will help you identify the medical alert system that meets your specific needs.

  • Do you or your parent live alone? Think about your lifestyle and the activities you do regularly. Do you live alone or primarily stay around the house? Or are you active in your community and often on the go? Your daily routine will help you understand the medical alert system you need. If you spend a lot of time outside the home, for example, a mobile alert system could be the best choice.
  • Do you or your parent primarily stay around the home or live a more active lifestyle with lots of outside activities? If you are active—take walks, go to fitness classes, visit friends—a mobile alert system could be for you. The wearable device has a speaker and microphone incorporated so you can talk to the response center wherever you are. Find out what technologies the system uses and look for one that uses more than GPS. If a fall or emergency happens outside the home, it is critical the system be able to locate you as quickly as possible. For example, the On the Go system uses up to five location technologies to identify where the subscriber is, even if the person cannot speak.
  • Consider your overall health. Is falling a concern? In as many as 30% of falls, seniors can’t or don’t press the medical alert button. A medical alert system for seniors with fall detection could be a solution to ensure you get the help you need, whether you press the button or not.
  • Are you worried about falls and not being able to call for help? A device equipped with fall detection technology can identify when the wearer has fallen and then alert the Response center even if the wearer is unable to do so. For example, our fall detection technology uses sensors and algorithms to separately identify your regular movements, such as sitting or reclining, from a fall. This capability results in significantly fewer false alerts. If a fall does occur and you do not rise after 30 seconds, the response center is alerted and initiates contact with you.

Factor in your answers as you evaluate the best solution for you and your family.

We are Here for You and Your Family

Getting older doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. If you’re an older adult or a family member who can’t be there every minute, you probably worry about falling or another situation requiring help. Lifeline products can help seniors with any lifestyle.

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For Seniors at Home

Our Lifeline HomeSafe products connect immediately to our Response Center with the press of the medical alert button on a pendant or wristband.

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For Seniors on the Go

Designed for active seniors, our Lifeline On the Go combines automatic fall detection technology* with five location technologies to ensure personal independence and safety.*

Don’t Wait for an Emergency

It’s hard to think about getting older. It’s hard to think about what could happen in a moment when we’re not there to help a loved one. But planning ahead is critical to avoid preventable health impacts and unnecessary expenses. The best time to buy a medical alert device is before an emergency.

It’s easy to preserve your (or your parent’s) independence and control without sacrificing personal health and safety. Our personal medical alert systems provide seniors with access to help in an emergency, thereby helping to ease the concerns of family members.

We’re there for you – or for your parent when you can’t be.

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