Welcome to Lifeline

Call 855-569-0605 (TTY: 711) to confirm your eligibility and sign up for Lifeline or click below.

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Lifeline and Humana

Welcome to Lifeline

Call 855-569-0605 (TTY: 711) to confirm your eligibility and sign up for Lifeline or click below.

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If you are eligible for a medical alert benefit in 2023, you may complete your enrollment starting on Jan. 1, 2023.

What is Lifeline?

Lifeline provides solutions for aging in place. As a Humana member, you may be eligible to receive the Lifeline medical alert service. We founded the medical alert service industry 45 years ago and we are still the leading medical alert service in the U.S. today**. Dependability is key to peace of mind. That’s why doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our medical alert system.

**Based on number of subscribers

Humana - What is Lifeline?

Over the next few weeks, we will experience a temporary shipping delay of 5- 15 business days on our Landline and Cellular portfolio of products. We are working hard to get your equipment sent to you as soon as it is available. Your safety remains our top priority. If you have any questions or need help, please call Lifeline Customer Service at 855-569-0605 (TTY: 711).

How Does the Lifeline Service Work?

Lifeline offers you quick access to help when you need it. With a press of your button, or upon fall detection*, our Trained Care Specialists will access your profile, assess your situation and dispatch the help you need. And you can choose who is called to help you – it can be a neighbor, friend, family member or emergency services. Getting up and getting help quickly are crucial to staying healthy and reducing unnecessary medical costs.

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Call for Help

Call for Help

As soon as your help button is pressed or a fall is detected, you will be quickly connected to our Response Center available 24/7/365.

Hear a Reassuring Voice

Hear a Reassuring Voice

A trained care specialist will access your profile, assess your situation and dispatch the help you need.

Help is On the Way

Help is On the Way

Based on your situation and your personal care plan, we will contact a neighbor, loved one or emergency services and follow up to confirm help has arrived.

You can sign up for your Humana Medicare Advantage plan benefit starting Jan. 1. Click here to check your eligibility and to enroll in the Lifeline medical alert service. Have your Humana member card on hand.

The Self Service Enrollment portal is currently available for the Chrome, Internet Explorer (Windows 10) and Edge (Windows 10) browsers and there is limited support for mobile devices. If you do not have access to a supported browser, please call 1-855-569-0605 (TTY: 711) to confirm your eligibility and sign up for Lifeline.

At-Home Medical Alert Systems from Lifeline

We offer solutions that help you maintain your independence in and around your home. HomeSafe medical alert systems come standard with a landline in-home communicator, which acts as a speaker for two-way communication with the Lifeline Response Center. The help button is lightweight and waterproof* so it’s safe to wear in the bath or the shower. It can be discreetly worn inside or outside your clothing. A cellular in-home communicator is available for members who do not have a landline.*

Press your help button anytime you need help, day or night. The HomeSafe medical alert system gives you fast access to a Trained Care Specialist who will dispatch the help you need. Select from either a pendant-style or a wristband.

On the Go

Members who have a history, fear or risk of falling should consider the AutoAlert option*, which has all of the advantages of HomeSafe, with the added feature of automatic fall detection. If you are disoriented, immobilized or unconscious and can’t press the help button on your pendant worn around your neck, AutoAlert automatically detects your fall and promptly calls for help. It is designed to distinguish between actual falls and everyday activities.

Getting Started with Your New System

HomeSafe landline installation video

HomeSafe cellular installation video

As a Humana Medicare Advantage member, when your new plan benefits start Jan. 1, check if you are eligible here or you can call 855-569-0605 (TTY :711).

There is no cost to you. Both the equipment and monthly service are included as part of your benefits package.

You can sign up when your new plan benefits start Jan. 1 by clicking here or you can call 855-569-0605 (TTY :711).

No, there is a long-lasting battery in the help button that does not require recharging. The button will be replaced with a new one when the battery is running low.

Both the landline and cellular in-home communicators plug into the wall for power. The landline in-home communicator also plugs into a home phone jack.

Lifeline will provide a one-time replacement help button at no cost to you. Additional help button replacements may incur a charge.

You will need to provide the following:

Personal Information:

  • Your UnitedHealthcare member ID
  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Additional Information:

  • Caregiver information (family member, neighbor)
  • Caregiver relationship
  • Medical conditions

Your safety and security is a top priority for us. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.