Why is my Lifeline Communicator not Receiving Power?

Your Lifeline Communicator could not be receiving power for several reasons. Please check the following:

Are you experiencing a power outage?

If so, wait until your power is restored and then test your Communicator.

Is the black power cord tightly plugged into the back of your Communicator and into your power outlet?

If you are not sure, push it in tightly on either side.

Is your power outlet on and working properly?

If you are not sure:

  • Check to see if your power outlet is controlled by a wall switch. If so, relocate the Communicator to a different outlet not controlled by a wall switch.
  • Check to see if the Communicator is connected to an extension cord or a power strip.
  • If connected to an extension cord, make sure that it is tightly connected to the Communicator’s power cord and the power outlet.
  • If connected to a power strip, make sure that it is turned on.
  • Verify that your power outlet is working by plugging something else directly into it. If the other object does not work, you know that the power outlet is not working and your Communicator should be relocated to a working outlet.

Helpful Tips: It is recommended that you turn your Communicator off before making any adjustments to it. After making adjustments, you can then turn your Communicator back on and test it. If you are still experiencing problems, contact our Customer Service department at 800-635-6156.