Scrapbooking Improves Memory and Creates a Family Heirloom

grandpa with son
May 30th, 2014

Have you or a loved one been noticing an increase in forgetfulness or difficulty remembering names? As you age, part of healthy living involves exercising not only your body, but also your brain. Giving your mind a workout may be as easy and enjoyable as taking up a hobby. Scrapbooking, for example, not only collects a lifetime of memories in one place, but this popular activity also reaps many mental benefits for seniors in particular. In addition to being a great trip down memory lane, it can help keep your mind sharp over time.

Personal Training for Your Brain

With most forms of dementia, short-term and recent memories tend to fade first. Starting a scrapbook creates a time line that can help keep seniors grounded in the present while celebrating the past. For example, when creating scrapbook pages around branches of the family tree, those sections enable seniors to group together grandchildren and great-grandchildren and practice remembering names and connections.

Like many other activities, scrapbooking can stimulate the brain, and mental exercise has been shown to delay cognitive impairment. Scrapbooking is also an activity that can be done routinely, and for sustained periods of time.

This Is Your Life

In addition to the cognitive benefits of scrapbooking, engaging in this multi-generational activity can be a great way to bring family together and reminisce about your life story. This is a great activity for children and grandchildren to get involved in and spend extended time with the adults in the family. By directly participating in assisting you with creating a scrapbook, younger family members make their own personal connections to their family’s history that will live on long after the scrapbook project is completed. If you’re not sure how to get started with scrapbooking, the Internet has countless resources about materials and techniques.

Thanks for the Memories

Cognitive and social benefits aside, scrapbooking creates a beautiful family heirloom to pass down for future generations to enjoy and for those who want to learn more about their genealogical history. It creates a lasting memento of your past, your present, and where your family came from.

Scrapbooking remains popular among all ages, with good reason. If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your mind active and indulge in a little nostalgia, it’s a great project for seniors.