Talking to Your Parents About a Medical Alert Device

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Talking to Your Parents About a Medical Alert Device

As your parents age, you might feel a bit of a role reversal. Just as your safety was their first priority when you were learning to ride a bike or first got your driver’s license, you might be worried about their safety now.

You can’t always be there to help them, and you know a medical alert device could help. But you also know your parents might need some convincing.

Our video offers tips for combatting the four most common reasons a senior gives for not getting a medical alert device.

Additional Resources:

  • Talking to Mom & Dad: Talking to a parent about getting a medical alert system is important, but can be difficult and emotional. Try starting the conversation with these tips.
  • Advice for New Caregivers: We asked some experienced caregivers to share the advice they wish they’d had when they started caring for their elderly parents.
  • Why Won’t Seniors Accept Help: Understanding why the elderly refuse help enables us to be more compassionate and effective helping aging parents and others who object to assistance.

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