Helping Unsung Heroes Care for America’s Senior Population

mother and grandmother
April 12th, 2019

The pressures associated with the role of a caregiver are often understated — the support caregiving requires can be costly, overwhelming, and time-consuming.

It is critical that caregivers are provided with the resources needed to help the seniors in their life age safety and maintain independence. Technology solutions are a largely untapped resource that allows caregivers to address the barriers affecting seniors’ ability to age well, such as the risk of a fall or medication mismanagement.

By leveraging the right technologies, from emergency response wearables to medication dispensers, seniors can feel empowered and caregivers can live worry-free. The first step is increasing the adoption of these tools in education. Start the learning process and read more about how to relieve the stresses of caregiving as well as the variety of connected solutions available.