Medical Alert Bracelets for Women: Comfortable Peace of Mind

September 20th, 2014

If you’re shopping for a medical alert system, you probably have questions like “How does this work?” and “Is it reliable?” If you’re shopping for medical alert bracelets for women, you may also be wondering, “Are they comfortable?” and “Are they stylish?”

How Do Medical Alert Bracelets Work?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injuries among adults over age 65. For this reason, it’s good to be prepared for an emergency. A basic medical alert bracelet generally informs emergency responders and medical personnel about the wearer’s health conditions and other information. If you fall, you may not be able to get to the nearest phone. In that situation, it’s good to have a medical alert system bracelet.

If you’re wearing a medical alert system bracelet, you only have to push a button to reach a response center. The bracelet works in tandem with a communicator, which, in turn, can work with your existing telephone service or with a provided cordless telephone with large, easy-to-read buttons and enhanced audio for clear communication. The communicator transmits the call to a response center where personnel will access your profile, evaluate the situation, and call a family member, a neighbor, or a medical service, depending on the severity of the incident. The response team will also follow up to ensure that help is en route or has reached you.

Are Medical Alert Bracelets Comfortable?

If a medical alert bracelet isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to wear it, which renders it useless. A wide variety of medical alert bracelets are available, most of which are designed with comfort, functionality, and some style in mind. Many bracelets are as comfortable as your favorite watch; after a few hours, you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing one. Some bracelets are adjustable, allowing you to size them to your wrist for a custom fit. The Lifeline Slimline Wristband is particularly comfortable; not only could you sleep with the bracelet on your wrist, but it’s waterproof, so you can wear it in the pool, the shower, or the tub.

Are Medical Alert Bracelets for Women Stylish?

That depends on the bracelet, as there are a few different kinds: medical alert bracelets with an emergency response button, medical alert bracelets with important health information, and medical alert bracelets with identification and contact information. Bracelets of the latter two categories can suit a multitude of tastes. From beaded bracelets and those made of more precious metals to leather, banded, and even more sports-oriented bracelets, you’re certain to find medical alert jewelry that speaks to your style and helps keep you safe. That said, medical alert bracelets that are built to contact emergency response centers may not come in such a multitude of styles. These bracelets are more focused on function, comfort, and on being as unobtrusive on your wrist as possible.

Don’t let concerns about personal style outweigh your health and safety. Shop for comfortable medical alert bracelets for women, and you’re certain to find one that enables you to maintain the independent lifestyle you cherish and put your loved ones at ease — without getting in the way of your look.